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The website TechTerminologies.com serves as a free, comprehensive online glossary of Internet and computer terminology. The definitions provided by TechTerminologies.com can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world, at no cost.

TechTerminologies.com was created with one clear objective: to demystify technical jargon. The definitions found on TechTerminologies.com are written in everyday language as opposed to technical jargon. We also think that while it’s good to have a list of definitions for computer terms, it’s even better to have a simple explanation of the term along with some examples of its use.

As a result, the majority of definitions on TechTerminologies.com provide actual instances of the term in use.

Understanding tech terms

It’s not always easy to understand how technology works. To keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and the implications it has for our industry, it is often necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts at play.

A more in-depth comprehension, however, can be intimidating and difficult to attain. Which details should I focus on, and why? So, what changes should I make to our company, and by what date? How vulnerable is my data, and what can I do to safeguard it?

All of these are examples of the kinds of issues that professionals in the field regularly have to think about.

Here at TechTerminologies, you’ll find the expert advice and creative ideas you need to succeed in the world of information technology.

Instead of racing to be the first with breaking news, TechTerminologies wants to be your go-to for in-depth explanations of the latest developments in the technologies that are changing the business landscape.

With the definitions provided by TechTerminologies, you will be able to better comprehend technological concepts and make educated choices.

Accuracy matters

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Creating reliable content entails the following steps:

  • Peer-reviewed studies, trade groups, and government institutions all make the cut as credible resources;
  • We promise to update the site whenever significant new information is added;
  • It is important to us to properly credit the information that we use, such as statistics and scientific studies;
  • When there isn’t widespread agreement, we think it’s important to present contrasting arguments;
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